📝 Privacy

Your privacy and respecting the sensitivity of your meetings, prep documents and audio is paramount to Flusterless.

The Flusterless app will not send the contents of your prep documents to any server, and the files never leave your machine. Files selected by you as meeting prep are processed and parsed locally, and any stored references to them on the remove server is to support remembering your session progress. This is achieved by encrypted hashes of certain markers within the document, not the actual contents of the document itself.

In addition, any audio parsing and inference is performed locally on your machine and any audio data is transient, and kept in memory on your machine only during keyword inference. It is never stored persistently either on your machine, or transferred to any remote server at any time.

Flusterless reserves the right to restrict the accounts of any users it has reason to believe are acting, or using the service, improperly.

Reasons include, but are not limited to;

• registering an email address that you do not own

• gaining uninvited access to an account you do not own

• using the service to send nuisance emails to recipients that are likely to consider them spam

• harming the brand as a result of your actions on the service or otherwise

• using abusive language or hate speech

• incurring arrears on your account as a result of failure to claim payments owed by you to us

• providing information that is intentionally misleading or untruthful

Moreover, the individual(s) responsible for any accounts left in arrears will be pursued to the full extent of the law for said arrears plus the costs of recovering them.

Any membership fees due will be taken upfront at the start of your chosen billing cycle, and are non-refundable thereafter.

All usage of the platform, whether stated to be 'unlimited' or otherwise, is on a fair use policy.

From time to time we may collect certain information about our users, including but not limited to:

• how you interact with the service

• the browser or device you are using

• the geographical region you are in and/or language you use

This helps us learn from our users, optimize/improve the products we offer, and tailor each individual's experience based on their preferences.

We use cookies for a smoother user experience, whether through understanding how people use the service, or by keeping users logged in on a device to prevent having to enter credentials every time you access the service.

The data we keep is in accordance with GDPR, and may involve persisting some information across datacentres that are hosted in multiple geographical regions.

The service enforces secure, encrypted communication channels for all exchanges of data with our users and partners, but users should be aware that any data transmitted over the internet is done so at your own risk.

Flusterless takes the utmost care to protect any and all data, in any and all cases.

We reserve the right to update and amend these policies as appropriate, offering prior and timely notice wherein such changes are deemed to cause substantial impact to the users of the service.

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